05 Jan

Best Mountain Bikes for Beginners and Professionals

Since it was invented and used universally, bicycle has not only been used as a matter of transportation in daily life, but also in sports and adventure. Certain kind of bicycles is developed differently than what we know as ‘city bikes’ by strengthening and customizing it in order to increase its durability and ability in conquering tough environments, such as forest and mountain trails; hence the name ‘mountain bike’. The activity of exploring hiking trails using a bicycle is not rare to be found among us and the number of its fan is increasing each year. In case you are looking for a new bike or getting your first one, this is a long list of best mountain bikes that are recommended for new bikers and professionals. Let’s check it out: Read More

04 Dec


This year, there are plenty of road bikes options coming with different and upgraded features and specifications due to the development of technology and engineering. The variety however leads to the ones which are mostly chosen as the best road bikes. These are not merely chosen as a mean of transporting you from point A to B, but it really means quality. Let’s find out what the word really means in the following selected best road bikes.


Torker Unistar CX Unicycle

best road bikes

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