05 Jan

Best Mountain Bikes for Beginners and Professionals

Since it was invented and used universally, bicycle has not only been used as a matter of transportation in daily life, but also in sports and adventure. Certain kind of bicycles is developed differently than what we know as ‘city bikes’ by strengthening and customizing it in order to increase its durability and ability in conquering tough environments, such as forest and mountain trails; hence the name ‘mountain bike’. The activity of exploring hiking trails using a bicycle is not rare to be found among us and the number of its fan is increasing each year. In case you are looking for a new bike or getting your first one, this is a long list of best mountain bikes that are recommended for new bikers and professionals. Let’s check it out:

Roadmaster-R4047WMCDB26 Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike

At $58.06, this entry-level mountain bike is a perfect choice for every beginner. Not only able to give a great control on rocky paths, it can be used as a normal bike for everyone to go to work or to school. Its 18-speed gears with Shimano gear shifter allow its rider to go up on steep roads without a significant difficulty.

26″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

Coated in all-black paint, this is the masculine counterpart of Magenta Roadmaster. It boasts almost everything that its feminine counterpart does, including 18-speed gear set and front suspension fork that gives more stability and comfort in off road riding; except for its SRAM gear shifter which is not featured in its counterpart. With a little bit more cash, you can get this bike for $66.99.

Huffy #26215 Ladies 26“ Granite Bike

Sporty and chic are two elements that cannot be overlooked from this mountain bike. The steel hard tail frame gives a solid structure that strengthens this elegant bike, while the combination of white paint, violet lines, and black parts projects a sporty, yet feminine touch to this $98.99 mountain bike. Although it is packed with only 15 speeds, its push gear shifter compensates for its convenience and faster shifting.

 Dynacraft Men’s 26″ 21 Speed Alpine Eagle Bike

Sometimes simplicity hides something powerful behind it. Even though Dynacraft Alpine Eagle Bike does not offer a stylish design on its appearance, it sports 21 speeds to take you through sloping hills without taking a huge effort. You can experience the powerful gears of this bike only with $115.99 in your wallet.

Mongoose Status 2.2 Men’s Mountain Bike

For bicycle enthusiasts, Mongoose is not foreign to their ears anymore. Among a long list of bike collections, Status 2.2 is one of the best mountain bikes in Mongoose’s stock. Its aluminum frame is light enough, while still giving a great endurance in tough environments. At $179, this is an affordable professional bike for advanced riders.

Stowabike 26″ Folding Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

Sometimes having a lightweight mountain bike is not convenient enough, especially if you are lacking a space to carry it in your car before reaching your favorite trailing spot. Stowabike offers a folding mountain bike that is just as sturdy as any normal one. Moreover, it will make your riding experience smoother with dual suspension. Get it now for $179.99.

Thruster T-29 29er Men’s Mountain Bike

The bigger the size, the more you can save your energy. Thruster T-29 comes with 29” tires that will enable you to bike more with less fatigue. It fits bikers with tall builds, such as 6 feet and above. Taller does not mean that it is heavier, since its frame is crafted from aluminum. For pro bikers, it comes for $197.99.

Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

If T-29 focuses on cutting down your effort to go further, KZ2600brings you more advanced abilities to explore and master the wilderness. It sports a vertical rear suspension that will definitely increase its comfort and stability in rocky trails and dual disc brakes that gives a better control for your speed, even if you’re going down the hill. Interested in this bike? You can own it with $223.96.

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

The word ‘professional’ cannot be separated from this gorgeous mountain bike. Mongoose Impasse features everything that you need for advanced trail biking: dual suspension and disc brakes, 21 speed gears, 29” tires, and aluminum body. At $256.96, it will guarantee a satisfying cross-nature biking, and you will wish that you have it forever.

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Everyone has different capacity of energy; that is why a bicycle with more power is needed to provide a prolonged riding experience. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 bears 24 speed gears to take you further to the peak; accompanied with dual suspension and aluminum frame that gives more comfort and stability. Compared to other advanced bikes before, this one fits general body build with 26” tire. Grab it quick at $313.99.

Diamondback Bicycle Recoil Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Of all the mountain bikes in this list, Diamondback Recoil is the most expensive one. Obviously, it has some reasons for having a high price at $499.99. Its aluminum frame is complemented with 4” front suspensions and a rear suspension that connects to flexible rear wheel grips; ensuring a dynamic capacity of shock absorption. It also delivers more power without draining your energy with 29” tires and 24 speeds gears. Shifting between them is made smooth and quick with SR Suntour press shifter.