The Ultimate Choice of Road Bikes

Bicycle used to be the favored mode of transportation in the world. But since the engine era came it has been less and less in popularity. But it does not mean that people are not using bikes anymore. So many people still use them to transport especially in university and offices. But nowadays, bikes are not a means of transportation for most. People like to use bikes as a sports vehicle. It includes the type called road bikes which is used to exercise. If you want to buy a road bike that is cheap, is the place to be. Here are three best road bikes under 1000 dollars that you can purchase from the site.

Aluminum Commuter Bike Shimano 21

best road bikes

Shimano 21 is the first cheap road bike on our list that you can purchase from the site. We recommend this bike for various reasons. First, it is clearly the choice in terms of economy. The bike can be purchased with a price range from a hundred and eighty up to three hundred and fifty dollars. The pricing will be adjusted depending on the kind of feature you would like to include.

The aluminum based road bike is also a good fit because it has plenty of amazing features. The overall frame is made with the common specs of Shimano bikes. It is made of aluminum along with a water bottle rack. The comfortable saddle is made out of the urban commuter brand which is clearly one of the best. It is equipped with a dual brake levers that is pretty sharp when being used. The assembly is fairly easy especially if you haven’t done any bike assembling before. It comes with four different colors of choice. They are Silver, Blue, Black, and also white.

Sadly, it does not have the best quality of tire. Many customers complain about the fragility of the tire. Thus you should prepare to buy another tire for a long-lasting bike.

Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle

best road bikes

The second list on our best road bikes under 1000 dollars is the Schwinn men’s Phocus 1400. This bike is perfect if you like to exercise using your bike. The first thing that you will notice is probably how cool the design is. The design is modern and sleek, suitable for a young man who likes to bike. The black color also makes the bike rather masculine and stylish. But the bike’s quality is more than that. First, this bike is moderately cheap compared to others. You can purchase this bike with just around three hundred dollars.

As for the specs, you will be surprised of how good this bike is. First of all, it comes with an aluminum frame. It means that the bike is very light and aerodynamic when being used. At the same time, the frame is also durable and pretty solid. It won’t break easily if you take care of it well. The Alloy caliper brake is a nice addition to the bike. It will make a strong brake even if you have to stop suddenly on a steep road. The comfortable saddle can be adjusted in different kind of ways according to your preference.

Unfortunately, there is a little problem regarding to the pedal and the tiring tube. The pedal can be a bit noisy sometimes when being used. It is better if you go to the bike store and have it fixed if you want a smoother ride. The tube is also rather thin on the tire. So if you want a durable bike ride on the road, you should replace it with a thicker one.

Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike

best road bikes

Finally, our last on the best road bikes under 1000is the Vilano edge bike. You should head out and check this bike now because it is on sale. The lower the minimum price from two hundred and sixty to two hundred and thirty dollars. If you decide to have a full feature, you can purchase it with just three hundred and thirty dollars. It comes in three different sizes that can be adjusted according to your heights. You can also pick different color choices including matte red, white, or matte blue among others.

The full spec of this bike is pretty impressive. You will have the choice to switch from single speed to fix gears with this bike. The forged alloy crank set is completely solid and durable. It also comes equipped with an Alloy caliper brake in both tires. For an inexpensive bike, you are getting a lot from this bike. But you must know that the chain does not come with a lube thus you must buy it yourself. The tires are also a little fragile to be used. You just have to prepare for a tire upgrade with this bike.